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 A dogs nail consist of an outer shell which is comprised of dead cells (like our finger nails).

The outer shell (a hard material) protects the soft tissue - the blood supply, called the kwick. If your dog has light coloured nails you can usually see the quick through the nail shell. This makes it easy to see where you need to cut the dogs nail…just below the kwick.
If your dog has dark colour nails and you are uncertain as to where to clip the nail…look underneath the nail. You will see that the nail looks solid (completely filled in) from underneath - up to a point. After that the nail appears hollow - all you see is the nail shell - no fill (no kwick). By taking a look at the nail from underneath you can see where to cut. Until you have more confidence cutting your dogs nails, just clip a little off the end. Once you gain confidence you can clip a little more of the shell.