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Do I need to bring my own dogfood for holiday care?
Yes. We all know how sensitive yorkies are. Please bring the food he /she is used to.
Do I need to bring my own beds and toys?
Please do not bring any toys or beds. We have more than enough.
What happens if my yorkie gets sick and needs a vet?
Your yorkie will be taken to the nearest open vet.. You will be notified and updated. This is for your account.
Is the kennel cough inocculation mandatory?
Yes. Please ensure that your yorkie receives it at least 14 days prior to arrival.
What is your business hours?
Weekdays: 7am - 18h00
Weekends: 8am - 18h00
Please note that no pet will be accepted before 7am during weekdays (Except daycare) and no pet will be allowed to leave the premises after 18h00.
Can I bring my yorkie's chicken and rice as well as treats?
If your yorkie is used to table food, please prepare it beforehand and freeze it in small daily portions. We will gladly give it to your yorkie.
Is collar and name tag manditory?
No. You may leave it at home. We do take it off as a safety measure. We know each dog by name.
Should I bring my yorkie on a leash?
Yes please. Either bring your yorkie on a leash or in a carry case.
Can I bring my own medication, like protexin or something the vet gave to administer?
Yes please. We will only use it for your yorkie.
Should I groom my yorkie?
Yes, please. It is much cooler for your yorkie, especially during the summer months.