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DianaYorkies - legal aspects:

Legal aspects regarding Puppies:


I am a registered KUSA member. Pups will alread have received theyir second deworming and first inoculation at 6 weeks.

Puppies will only go to their new homes at 8 weeks.

If the new owner of a pup wish to register their yorkie, he/she is responsible to have the pup micro-chipped, where after he/she must provide the microchip certificate to me. Your puppy cannot be registered with KUSA without it.


Legal aspects regarding Holiday and daycare:


  • In the interest of all pets, no booking will be accepted or pets admitted for boarding unless they are vaccinated according to current veterinary and our own requirements and documentary proof being first presented
  • Vaccination against kennel cough and rabies are mandatory and should have been administered at least 14 days prior to arrival.
  • Payment is due on arrival. During busy times we may require a deposit for your booking.
  • Pets arriving with ticks or fleas will be given parasite control at owner's expense.
  • Fees are charged inclusive of days of arrival and departure.
  • If your pet should become ill we will take your pet to a veterinarian, where after we will contact you. This is for the pet owner's expense.
  • It is the owner's responsibility to discuss any medication or issues with us.
  • Should your pet require special medication for illness and ailments we will gladly administer according to your vets instructions.
  • Pet owners please  bring only a blanket and treats. No beds or toys, please. DianaYorkies does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage  to these items.
  • We do not keep any pets in cages, but if a problem should arise with a specific dog, we will ensure the safety of others by putting this animal in a separate area.
  • Specific play times are held with the dogs.
  • Food will be supplied by the pet owner, unless otherwise arranged.
  • Girls going on heat will be issued with a reusable panty. Costs are for the owner’s expense and will have to be paid on the departure date
  • Should your pet require medical attention for whatever reason, vet fees will be for the owner’s expense.
  • Dogs should be bathed a day before arrival. No dirty pets will be accepted. Some advice on December would be to groom your dog, since it is extremely hot.