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Yorkshire terriers/ Exotic Yorkies / Biewer Breeder

Yorkie Guesthouse Centurion

ABreeding quality yorkshire terriers. Special care is taken of the young ones, until they are ready for their new homes.


BYorkie Holiday and Daycare. When you need that break and would love someone to take care of your yorkie as if it was their own.


CGood advice about your new yorkie


DPlay dates




What type of yorkies do you breed?
We breed with traditional and exotic yorkies as well as biewers
What is an exotic yorkie?
Yorkshire Terriers can be found in different colors.
Because their ancestors were not exclusively Blue and Tan but sometimes black, brown or white, it happened that a puppy did not contain the colors of the prescribed pattern.
Their unique coloring is a result of the recessive genes their parents are carrying.
What is a play date?
Play dates are for single yorkies or yorkies that live in complexes that does not have a friend to play with. At DianaYorkies there are lots of friends to socialize with.
When is playdates and what does it cost?
Every day. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out rates
Do you clean anal glands?
Yes we do. It comes at a price though.
Do you administer medication?
Yes we do, but the owner needs to discuss this beforehand, when they apply for holiday care.

Puppy Care


Making sure this little one is getting enough to drink